Victor Rice

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  Victor Rice’s involvement in the world of Retro-Jamaican music, as well as his instrumental and recording technique, have been influential in creating signature sounds of this era in the world of Ska, Reggae & Dub Music.

  As a bassist, he started with the Scofflaws in 1988 and was soon involved in other ventures: Founding member of the Stubborn All-Stars as well as The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, he has also toured with Laurel Aitken and Desmond Dekker.

Producing for NYC’s Moon Records in the early 90s, Rice worked with The Skatalites, The Slackers, The Toasters, The Pietasters, The Adjusters, The Epitones and many others. By the late 90's Rice was a regular figure in a majority of the Ska records coming out of NYC, either as bassist engineer or producer.

As musician and producer for NYC's Stubborn Records in the late 90s, he received one of two keys to the Version City Studio in 1996. Finding himself in a limitless environment, Rice focused on the craft of engineering. It was here that he would work with King Django, Rocker T, Crazy Baldhead, Chris Murray and many more, as well as produce his first CD, "At Version City(1999)". He also developed a personal Dub technique that serves him to this day.

Victor is more widely known for his bass and engineering work with Easy Star Records: "Dub Side of the Moon", "Radiodread", "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Dub Band" and "Ticklah Vs Axelrod".

In 2002 Rice relocated to São Paulo, Brasil, where he finished his second CD, "In America(2003)". He built his own mix studio and works constantly for artists in Brazil and Abroad. He has produced and/or mixed records for The Skatalites(JA), Glen Brown(JA), The Slackers(US), Dr Ring Ding and the Senior Allstars(DE), Mr T-Bone(IT), Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra(JP), Pannonia All-Stars(HU), Yellow Umbrella(DE), Brother Culture(UK), Open Season(CH), Hot Drop(ES), Mikkim(CZ), M.A.K.U. SoundSystem(CO) and many others.

  Since 2010, Victor has been working more closely with some of Brazil’s best-known artists: Elza Soares, João Donato, Ceu, Marcelo Camelo, Bixiga70 and many others. In 2015, Rice joined a collaboration in São Paulo called Jam Lab, a monthly episode on YouTube that documents the production of one song from rehearsal to vinyl in two days’ time.

  Victor has been touring the Continent for nearly ten years with the Strikkly Vikkly DubSystem, a one-man dub show utilizing an 8-track tape machine, mixing desk and live effects. When time permits, he can be found giving workshops in Analog Production Technique.

Artist location title year work
The Scofflaws US Self - Titled 1991 Producer / Bassist
The Pietasters US Oolooloo 1994 Producer
The Stubborn All-Stars US Old's Coll 1995 Bassist
The Scofflaws US Ska in Hi - Fi 1995 Producer
The Slackers US Better Late Than Never 1995 Producer
The Skatalites NY Ball of Fire 1995 Bassist
Laurel Aitken and the Skatalites NY Ska Titans 1995 Mix Engineer
New York Ska - Jazz Ensemble US Self - Titled 1996 Bassist
Orange Street US Cassette 1997 Bassist Engineer
The Stubborn All-Stars US Open Season 1997 Bassist
The Adjusters US Before the Revolution 1997 Producer
Da Whole Thing US At Version City 1998 Bassist / Mix Engineer
The Bluebeats US Dace With Me 1998 Mix Engineer
The Articles US Flip F'Real 1998 Producer
The Toasters US Hard Band fe Dead 1998 Recording Engineer
New York Ska - Jazz Ensemble US Low Blow 1998 Bassist
Vic Ruggiero US Age of Insects 1999 Bassist / Engineer
New York Ska - Jazz Ensemble US Get This 1999 Bassist
Rocker T US Nice by the Hour 1999 Producer / Bassist
The Checkered Cabs US Single 1999 Producer
Easy Star All Stars US Dub Side of the Moon 2000 Bassist
Crazy Baldhead US Has a Posse 2000 Mix Engineer
The Adjusters US Otis Redding Witll Save America 2000 Mix Engineer
Da Whole Thing US Tooth 2000 Bassist
The Stubborn All-Stars US Nex Music 2001 Bassist / Engineer
33Hz US Redbud 2001 Remix Engineer
Dr Ring Ding US Pick Up Pieces 2002 Mix Engineer
Ultramen BR Dub Mekka (Single) 2003 Remix Engineer
The Stingers ATX US Rich Boy 2003 Producer
Firebug BR S / T 2003 Producer / Bassist
Open Season CH Step By Step (Single) 2003 Remix Engineer
Glenn Brown JA TBR 2003 Mix Engineer
Barbatuques BR Baianá 2004 Mix Engineer
The Slackers US Live at Ernesto's 2004 Mix Engineer
The Moon Invaders BE Self - Titled 2004 Producer
Proyecto Secreto BE TBR 2004 Mix Engineer
The Japonicans JP Liberdade (Single) 2005 Producer
Firebug BR On the Move 2005 Producer
Two Tone Club FR Turn Off 2005 Mix Engineer
Chris Murray US Why So Rude 2005 Producer
Alaska CH Dog Sled Crossing 2006 Mix Engineer
Rokka - Tone US In This Life 2006 Mix Engineer
Easy Star All Stars US Radiodread 2006 Bassist / Mix Engineer
Hot Drop ES Ready 2006 Mix Engineer
The Skatalites JA Arena (Live DVD) 2007 Mix Engineer
Cherry Boop FR Dub Claus (Single) 2007 Remix Engineer
Contra Coup US Meets Victor Rice (EP) 2007 Remix Engineer
Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra HU Return of the Pannonias 2007 Remix Engineer
Corey Harris US Zion Crossroads 2007 Mix Engineer
The Void Union Us Bad Replacement 2008 Remix Engineer
Input Junkies DE Nein Affe Dub (Single) 2008 Remix Engineer
Majaicans ES S / T  2008 Mix Engineer
Easy Star All Stars US Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band 2008 Bassist / Mix Engineer
Crazy Baldhead US Sound of '69 2008 Bassist / Engineer
Yellow Umbrella DE The Same But Different 2008 Remix Engineer
Ludov BR Caligrafia 2009 Mix Engineer
Os Paralamas do Sucesso BR Dub Dream (Single) 2009 Remix Engineer
Two and a Half White Guys US Gringo 2009 Mix Engineer
Peixoto & Machado BR I Wanna Shoyu 2009 Bassistt / Mix Engineer
Babylove and Van Dangos DK Lovers' Choice 2009 Mix Engineer
The Tempranos PY Mr Blanco (Single) 2009 Mix Engineer
Firebug BR Outra Coisa 2009 Producer / Bassist
Maraca Manca BR Reggae Urbano 2009 Mix Engineer
Radio Ska BR Self - Titled 2009 Producer
Mama Cadela BR ...e a Geração Espontânea 2009 Mix Engineer
Yellow Umbrella DE A Thousand Faces 2010 Mix Engineer
Freddy Loco & the Gordos Band US Belgique (Single) 2010 Mix Engineer
Saadi Us Clotheslines (Single) 2010 Engineer
Pitshu / Cedric Brooks AO / JA Jah Kona (Single) 2010 Producer / Bassist
Buford O'Sullivan US LRTR 2010 Producer / Bassist
Massarock BR S / T  2010 Mix Engineer
Jai Mahal BR TBR 2010 Mix Engineer
Marcelo Camelo BR MTV ao Vivo (DVD) 2010 Mix Engineer
The Unlimiters DE 35H (Single) 2011 Remix Engineer
Vieja Skina PE Ayahuaska 2011 Remix Engineer
Danny Rebel and the KGB CA Blastoff 2011 Producer
Dubmatix DE Celebrate My Love (Single) 2011 Remix Engineer
Rutera BR Do Interior 2011 Mix Engineer
Curumin BR Ela (Single) 2011 Bassistt / Mix Engineer
La Guedes BR Eletrocquestra 2011 Bassistt / Mix Engineer
Pepperseeds BE Fall Down Dub (Single) 2011 Remix Engineer
12 Dolares Crew BR Here Comes Your Man (Single) 2011 Mix Engineer
Marcia Davis US I Am Irie (Single) 2011 Remix Engineer
The Senior Allstars DE In Dub 2011 Remix Engineer
Coffeemakers CO Juliana (Single) 2011 Mix Engineer
PASO's Roots Rockers HU Lost in Space 2011 Remix Engineer
Brother Culture UK Minister of Propanda (Single) 2011 Producer / Bassist
Malbec BR Paranormal Songs 2011 Mix Engineer
Chris Murray US Pieces (Single) 2011 Producer / Bassist
Mallu Magalhães BR Pitanga 2011 Bassist / Engineer
Café Preto BR Café Preto 2011 Mix Engineer
Bad Sound US Self - Titled 2011 Mix Engineer
Saadi US Snowyman (Single) 2011 Remix Engineer
Pum Pum Allstars BE Soul Pum Pum Hotel 2011 Bassistt / Mix Engineer
Karikatura BR Suitcase (Single) 2011 Remix Engineer
Sustento AR Tu Decision 2011 Mix Engineer
Marcelo Camelo BR Toque Dela  2011 Mix Engineer
Karina Buhr BR Amor Negro (Single) 2012 Mix Engineer
Simba UK Ancient Place (Single) 2012 Mix Engineer
Bad Cello US Better Place (Single) 2012 Mix Engineer
Céu BR Blues (Single) 2012 Producer / Bassist
Mercurias BR Carregar (Single) 2012 Producer / Bassist
Brother Culture UK Chanting (Single) 2012 Producer / Bassist
Marietta Vital e Mairah Rocha BR Clariô (Single) 2012 Mix Engineer
Coquetel Acapulco BR Dama da Noite 2012 Producer
Peixoto & Machado BR El Esquisito Mundo Grátis 2012 Bassistt / Mix Engineer
Ras Zic ES Enigmatico (Single) 2012 Remix Engineer
Jamie Gilmartin US Farmships of Dub (Single) 2012 Remix Engineer
Marcia Griffiths & Dubblestandardt JA / DE Holding You Close (Single) 2012 Bassistt / Mix Engineer
Luisa Maita BR Na Asa (Single) 2012 Remix Engineer
Cool U BR North America (Single) 2012 Mix Engineer
Anelis Assumpção BR Not Falling (Single) 2012 Mix Engineer
Giba Nascimento BR Plugging Out (Single) 2012 Mix Engineer
Camilo Frade BR Por que nós? 2012 Mix Engineer
Kika BR Pra Viagem 2012 Producer / Bassist
Paulera BR Roots Radical 2012 Remix Engineer
Radio KCUT CA Roots Rock Rebel Theme Music 2012 Producer / Bassist
Desorquestra BR S / T 2012 Mix Engineer
Canções Velhas para Embrulhar Peixes BR S / T 2012 Mix Engineer
Caz and the Day Labourers US S / T 2012 Mix Engineer
Sheldon Gregg IT San Savarino (Single) 2012 Remix Engineer
The Senior Allstars DE Vamanos (Single) 2012 Remix Engineer
Quasi Dub Development US / DE / IT Zebroid (Single) 2012 Remix Engineer
Marcelo Camelo BR É de Manhã (Single) 2012 Mix Engineer
Bixiga70 BR S / T 2013 Mix Engineer
Brooklyn Rocksteady Compilation US Bee Bee (Single) 2013 Producer / Bassist
Dave Hillyard US California 2013 Remix Engineer
Jessie Evans US Glittermine 2013 Mix Engineer
Pitshu AO II 2013 Producer / Bassist
King Cobrizo AR Jah Jah 2013 Mix Engineer
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill CH Live in Dub + the Victor Rice Remixes 2013 Remix Engineer
Gazelle SA R.U.N. (Single) 2013 Remix Engineer
Luz Marina BR S / T 2013 Mix Engineer
BNegão e os Seletores da Freqüência BR Sintoniza La (Single) 2013 Remix Engineer
Buford O'Sullivan & Ranking Joe US Get a Job (Single) 2013 Mix Engineer
Dubstereo BR Babilonia Falida / Café Quilombo 2013 Remix Engineer
Young Aundee US Aimless 2013 Remix Engineer
Maxado BR I Was (Single) 2013 Producer / Bassist
Savages BR Fall Out (Single) 2013 Remix Engineer
Onagra Claudique BR Arrebol 2013 Remix Engineer
Maxado BR Upon a Smile 2013 Producer / Bassist
Karina Buhr BR Fantasma (Single) 2013 Mix Engineer
Wado BR Vazio Tropical 2013 Mix Engineer
Peixoto & Machado BR Whatever / The Bus (Live) 2013 Mix Engineer
Emicida & Projetonave BR Até o Fim Sampa 2013 Remix Engineer
Pedro Morais BR Vertigem 2013 Mix Engineer
Nico Leonard BE Bermuda Trianglen (Single) 2013 Mix Engineer / Bassist
Mallu Magalhães BR Programa Ensaio (TV) 2013 Mix Engineer
Sapo Banjo BR Feira de Sexta 2013 Mix Engineer
Various Artists BR Ska Brasil II 2013 Mix Engineer
Bad Cello US Finna (Single) 2013 Remix Engineer
Subatomic SoundSystem US Real Authentic 2013 Remix Engineer
Bush Chemists UK What a Gwaan (Single) 2013 Mix Engineer / Bassist
India & Projetonave ES / BR Bucle de Panico (Single) 2013 Mix Engineer
Jurema Paes BR Nkongo (Single) 2013 Mix Engineer
Bruno Morais BR O Pé (Single) 2013 Mix Engineer
Paulinho To BR Temporal 2013 Mix Engineer
Alzira E BR O Que Vim Fazer Aqui 2013 Mix Engineer
Dj Fede IT Time Bomb 2013 Remix Engineer
Lucas Santtana BR Sings Raul Seixas 2014 Mix Engineer
Pitshu & The Senior Allstars BR / DE Vamanos (Single) 2014 Mix Engineer
Manifesto Ska-Jazz CH Soledad 2014 Mix Engineer
HBO Brasil BR Clubversão - Season 1 2014 Mix Engineer / Bassist
Natália Matos BR Cio 2014 Mix Engineer
Projetonave feat. Pac Div BR / US Get Live (Single) 2014 Remix Engineer
Rocky and the Pressers US Bells / Warm Design 2014 Remix Engineer
Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation DE Coolit Down (Single) 2014 Remix Engineer
Denis Duarte BR Pachamama (Single) 2014 Remix Engineer
Mali Sampaio BR Blossom (EP) 2014 Mix Engineer
Anelis Assumpção BR Anelis Assumpção e Os Amigos Imaginários 2014 Mix Engineer
Denis Duarte BR Movimentação (Single) 2014 Mix Engineer
Jessie Evans US Scientist (Single) 2014 Mix Engineer
Paulera BR MLK (Single) 2014 Mix Engineer
Banda do Mar BR Banda do Mar 2014 Recording, Mix Engineer
Claudia Dorey BR Inspire 2014 Mix Engineer
Sustento AR Meets Strikkly Vikkly (EP) 2014 Mix Engineer
Onagra Claudique BR Lyra Auriverde 2014 Mix Engineer
Kiwi US Calico/Cure (Singles) 2014 Mix Engineer
Brooklyn Rocksteady (Documentary) US Bee Bee (Single) 2014 Composer / Producer
André Frateschi BR Maximalista 2014 Mix Engineer
Marcia Castro BR Cavalo (Single) 2014 Mix Engineer
Canções Velhas para Embrulhar Peixes BR Vol. II 2014 Mix Engineer
Kiwi US Cure (Single) 2014 Mix Engineer
Rootwords CH
Freedom of Speech (Single)
2014 Remix Engineer
DJ Fede IT Warica Dub (Single) 2014 Mix Engineer / Remix
Clubversão (Series) BR Clubversão 1a. Temporada  2014 Mix Engineer
Miranda Kassim e André Abujamra (Clubversão) BR AAUU 2014 Mix Engineer
Bluebell, Thiago Petit e Ritchie (Clubversão) BR Eternal Flame 2014 Mix Engineer
Márcia Castro e Pedro Luís (Clubversão) BR Disfarça e chora 2014 Mix Engineer
Paulo Miklos e André Frateschi (Clubversão) BR Besta é Tu 2014 Mix Engineer
Céu e Moreno Veloso (Clubversão) BR Hunting High and Low  2014 Mix Engineer
Criolo e Tulipa Rui (Clubversão) BR Perfídia  2014 Mix Engineer
Mariana Aydar e Lucas Santtana (Clubversão) BR Berimbau  2014 Mix Engineer
Karina Buhr e BNegão (Clubversão) BR Mestre Jonas 2014 Mix Engineer
Hélio Flanders e Paulinho Moska (Clubversão) BR Nuvem Cigana 2014 Mix Engineer
Ana Cañas, Tatá Aeroplano e Otto (Clubversão) BR Lóki 2014 Mix Engineer
Anelis Assumpção e Arnaldo Antunes (Clubversão) BR Punk da Periferia 2014 Mix Engineer
Pepeu Gomes e Léo Cavalcanti (Clubversão) BR Os Alquimistas estão chegando  2014 Mix Engineer
Afetos Feat. Simba BR Beware (Single) 2015 Mix Engineer
Afrodizia BR 2015 Mix Engineer
Dub Syndicate Feat. U-Roy UK Free Marijuana (Single) 2015 Remix Engineer
Denis Duarte BR Caminho do Meio 2015 Mix Engineer
Nomade Orquestra BR Self - Titled 2015 Mix Engineer
Tulipa Ruiz BR Dancé(Winner, Latin Grammy 2015) 2015 Mix Engineer
Mariana Degani BR Furtacor 2015 Mix Engineer
Pequena Morte BR Jabuticaba 2015 Mix Engineer
NX Zero BR Pedra Murano (Single) 2015 Mix Engineer
Circo Motel BR Auê 2015 Mix Engineer
Amplexos BR Falsa Salsa (Single) 2015 Remix Engineer
Projetonave BR / US The Great Lagoon 2015 Mix Engineer
Simba / Afetos BR Beware (Single) 2015 Mix Engineer
Joelma Klaudia BR Amazonia Lounge 2015 Mix Engineer
Karina Buhr BR Selvática 2015 Producer / Record / Mix Engineer
Edu Sattajah BR Verdinho (Single) 2015 Remix Engineer
The Dubba Dubs BR Socd (Single) 2015 Remix Engineer
MAU BR Strauss (Single) 2015 Mix / Remix Engineer
Kika BR Navegante 2015 Producer / Record / Mix Engineer
DUB DU BOM BR Lovers (Single) 2015 Mix Engineer / Remix
João Donato BR Donato Elétrico 2015 Mix Engineer / Remix
Arthur Joly BR Aguá Viva (Single) 2015 Mix / Remix Engineer
Danny Red UK Peport Dem (Single) 2015 Recording / Mix / Remix Engineer
Gerson da Conceição BR Adélia (Single) 2015 Recording / Mix Engineer / Remix
Jack Neo Sons BR 4 Paredes (Single) 2015 Mix Engineer
Joe Ferry US Foxy Lady 2015 Remix Engineer
Natural Dub Cluster IT Echoes (Single) 2015 Remix Engineer
Matheus Brant BR Assume que Gosta 2015 Mix Engineer / Remix
Saulo Duarte e a Unidade BR Cine Ruptura 2015 Mix / Remix Engineer
Boomshot! US Keep Moving On b/w Cower and Bend 7" 2015 Mix Engineer / Remix
Projetonave BR Estalo (Single) 2015 Mix Engineer / Remix
Funk Como le Gusta BR A Nave Mãe Segue Viagem 2015 Mix Engineer
Cicero BR A Praia 2015 Mix Engineer
Jam Lab (Series) BR Season 1 2015 Recording / Mix Engineer
Projetonave BR War (Single) 2015 Mix Engineer
Laylah Arruda BR Real e Abstrato (Single) 2015 Mix Engineer / Remix
HBO Brasil BR Clubversão - Season 2 2015 Mix Engineer
Tack>>Head UK (Singles) Black Cindarella, War, Exodus 2015 Remix Engineer
Clubversão (Series) BR Clubversão 2a. Temporada 2015 Mix Engineer
Bixiga70 BR The Coppan Conection 2016 Producer
Elza Soares BR A Mulher do Fim do Mundo (Latin Grammy Winner 2016) 2016 Mix Engineer
Joly Man & Deelion BR Standard Diving Dress 2016 Mix/Remix Engineer
Jesse Evans & Pitshu BR In Love With... 2016 Mix/Remix Engineer
M.A.K.U. Soundsystem NY Mezcla 2016 Mix Engineer
Microdub BR MD 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Estrambelhados BR Além dos 4 Cantos 2016 Mix Engineer
Jam Lab (Series) BR Season 2 2016 Recording / Mix Engineer
Rodrigo Tavarez BR Congo 2016 Mix Engineer
Caz Gardiner DC It's All Right 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Ifá BR Ijexá Funk Afrobeat 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
the Loving Paupers DC Self-Titled EP 2016 Mix/Remix Engineer
Veja Luz BR Escolhas 2016 Mix/Remix Engineer
Mikhil NY Morning (Single) 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Feliu Ventura i el Xerramequ amb els Aborígens Catalonia Montserrat (EP) 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Public Option DC Space Needle (Single) 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Alzira E BR Corte 2016 Mix Engineer
Marcelo Deiss BR The Kings in Ely Street 2016 Mix Engineer
Boomshot! NY You'll Never Know b/w If Only (7") 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation DE No Bam Bam 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Raske Penge DK Ska Ska Ik (Single) 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Ras Ital BR Powa-Full (Single) 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Gracie Bassie CA People Pleaser (Single) 2016 Mix Engineer / Remix
Arícia Mess BR Fome e Canibalismo (Single) 2016 Mix/Remix Engineer
Mallu Magalhães PT Love You (Single) 2016 Bassist
Massarock BR I Get High (Single) 2016 Mix Engineer
Bruno Morais BR Fly Away (Single) 2016 Mix Engineer
Jazz The Roots CL Jazz The Roots 2016 Mix Engineer
Baby do Brasil e Seu Jorge (Clubversão) BR Qualquer Coisa (Clubversão) 2016 Mix Engineer
Gui Amabis e Gabi Amarantos (Clubversão) BR Ponteio (Clubversão) 2016 Mix Engineer
Maria Gadú e Felipe Catto (Clubversão) BR Touch me (Clubversão) 2016 Mix Engineer
João Donato e Nina Becker (Clubversão) BR Smoke gets in your eyes 
2016 Mix Engineer
Wanderléia e Fred 04 (Clubversão) BR A voz do morro 2016 Mix Engineer
Roberta Sá, Davi Moraes e Curumim (Clubversão) BR Filosofia  2016 Mix Engineer
Fernanda Takai e Guilherme Arantes (Clubversão) BR Tiny Dancer  2016 Mix Engineer
Marcelo Jeneci e Siba (Clubversão) BR Assum Preto  2016 Mix Engineer
Marisa Orth, Rael, Irina Neblina (Clubversão) BR Jorge Maravilha 2016 Mix Engineer
Domênico Lancelotte, Laura Lavieri e Luís Carlini (Clubversão) BR Psico Killer  2016 Mix Engineer
Fagner e Ava Rocha (Clubversão) BR Volver a los 17 2016 Mix Engineer
Dado Villa Lobos, Roberta Campos e Gustavo Garde (Clubversão) BR Virgínia 2016 Mix Engineer
Ney Matogrosso, Marina de La Riva (Clubversão) BR Por una cabeza  2016 Mix Engineer
Monkey Jhayam BR Guiança 2017 Mix Engineer / Remix
Dignitary Stylish JA Wrong Somebody (Single) 2017 Producer / Bassist
André Sampaio BR Alagbe 2017 Mix Engineer / Remix
Luê BR Ponto de Mira 2017 Mix Engineer
Brother Culture UK City of Revelation (Single)  2017 Mix Engineer / Remix
Dubistry US Blue (Single) 2017 Mix Engineer / Remix
The HiFi Rockers United States Gold Rush 2017 Mix Engineer / Remix
Marano BR Ailum 2017 Mix Engineer
Seu Jorge BR Meu bem querer (Single) 2018 Mix Engineer
Ligia Kamada BR Atravessa (Single) 2018 Producer / Bassist
Caz & The Badasonics US Wheel of Life (Single) 2018 Mix Engineer / Remix
Skafandros Orkestra Brazil Fubah  2018 Production
Hepcat US Out of Nowhere  2018 Remix Engineer